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SuperAll® is an innovative cleaning technology that accelerates the biodegradation process found in nature, providing an extremely effective method for cleaning and solving hydrocarbon-based problems or contamination.

When mixed with the proper amounts of water and energy, SuperAll enhances the indigenous hydrocarbon metabolizing bacteria so they can eliminate the contaminant much faster. It does this by causing very small oil droplets to repel each other, preventing them from reforming, thereby resulting in a very stable solution of SuperAll, water, and hydrocarbon that is readily available for the indigenous microbe population to consume. In other words, SuperAll is a simple, straightforward solution that yields unmatched results.

Whether you’re using SuperAll #38, SuperAll #88, or SuperAll Ready to Use (RTU); proper dilution is critical to its effectiveness. Call us today to discuss SuperAll applications and dilution ratios specific to your industry and your project.

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