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SuperAll, Sustainability, and You

All SuperAll® products are environmentally-friendly and minimize the impact on eco-systems on land and offshore. Companies everywhere are striving to reduce their environmental footprints through the implementation of sustainability. Let’s face it, if we don’t find ways to protect the environment from the ever-growing global population’s need to survive, we’ll create an even bigger problem for future generations. We’re better than that.
    In an effort to address these global concerns, sustainability plays a significant role in many business strategies. To our customers and our company it’s basically about reducing fossil fuel consumption, minimizing the amount of manmade substances introduced into the environment, and eliminating waste rather than just managing it. SuperAll is also readily-biodegradable, so it doesn’t leave behind a footprint of its own. At SuperAll this has been our approach to business since 1991, so for us it’s easy.

  • For every 110 gallons of SuperAll used to flush drilling rig flow lines we eliminate 4,200 gallons of diesel consumption.
  • Transportation costs and fossil fuel consumption are less because SuperAll is highly concentrated.
  • A little SuperAll goes a long way which minimizes the amount of manmade substances introduced into the environment.
  • SuperAll stimulates bioremediation, which is invaluable in cleaning and decontaminating sites that were once adversely affected by hydrocarbon contamination.

It’s easy to say we will make you more sustainable, but we stand behind it. For example: shipping 495pounds of useable product instead of 20,295 pounds of diluted product will significantly reduce diesel cost and consumption when transporting SuperAll. A full truckload of SuperAll is 40,000 pounds which typically translates into just about 40 truckloads of diluted product. Break it down; shipping two drums of SuperAll is the equivalent of shipping a full truckload of diluted product. Since SuperAll also biodegrades hydrocarbon contaminates as little as two drums of SuperAll could eliminate 5.5 truckloads of waste that would normally need to be hauled off and managed. Now that’s just a few places where SuperAll can help you become more sustainable but it isn’t all of them. Who says doing what’s right for the environment reduces profitability?

SuperAll is:

  • SafeWater basedNon-CorrosiveNon-FlammableNon-Reactive
  • Non-ToxicReadily-Biodegradable

Adding SuperAll to your processes will increase your sustainability and reduce your environmental footprint along with operating costs. Put us up against what you currently use; the results will surprise you. For a personal evaluation, give us a call.