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The New Standard for Clean

By design SuperAll® products clean, remediate, degas, remove, or recover any type of hydrocarbon. In fact, SuperAll is the highest quality, most technically capable, and most effective solution for cleaning or managing hydrocarbon contamination available. Now that’s a big statement, but we live up to it every day.

We started with a simple question, “What if?” What if we could create a product that would be a safe, powerful cleaner and degreaser? Though it took a lot of testing and many long hours to perfect the SuperAll formula, we were successful. Comprised of a proprietary blend of surfactants, water softeners, and pH buffers; SuperAll, diluted with the right amount of water and energy, is all you need to get the results you want. As new challenges popped up, SuperAll continued to surpass our expectations opening the door for new uses. “What if?” became “Can you?” and “Can you?” lead to the discovery of hundreds of new uses for SuperAll. We’ve found SuperAll to not only be a safe, powerful cleaner and degreaser but also a highly effective agent for bioremediation enhancement, solids washing, hydrocarbon recovery, degassing, and the list goes on! Today, nearly a quarter of a century later, we’ve set the new standard for clean. Costly, daunting, time consuming, and sometimes impossible projects are now affordable and easily within reach. That which seemed improbable became possible.

Along with cleaning the contaminant from a “dirty” surface, SuperAll goes beyond the standard and actually eliminates the contaminant – transforming hazardous waste into a harmless substance. Eliminating the contaminant rather than just moving it from the surface to an area far more difficult to reach is what makes SuperAll the industry leader. Our revolutionary product does this by breaking down oil and grease (hydrocarbons) and placing them into a very stable microemulsion that’s bio-available to indigenous bacteria. These harmless microorganisms see this microemulsion as a food source and consume the SuperAll along with the contaminant converting them into common gasses. If you think it sounds too good to be true, let us prove it to you. We’ll demonstrate SuperAll against your toughest challenges and let you be the judge.