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SuperAll® plays two critical functions in hydrocarbon cleaning and bioremediation. First it significantly expands the surface area of the hydrocarbon contamination, thus making it more readily available to the indigenous microbe population. Next it bio-stimulates and enhances the indigenous hydrocarbon metabolizing bacteria so they can consume the contaminant at an exponentially faster rate.

  • Separates the hydrocarbons into microscopic particles
  • Wraps each particle in a solution of SuperAll and water
  • Uses ionic surfactants that have two ends – one polar (water soluble or hydrophilic) and one non-polar (oil soluble or hydrophobic)
  • Non-polar end attaches to the oil droplet
  • Polar end is projected into the surrounding water
  • Like charges of the polar ends repel and prevent the oil droplets from reforming
  • SuperAll actually stimulates and enhances the naturally occurring bio-remediation process causing the naturally occurring bacteria to consume the oil at an exponentially faster rate.