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Cleaning with SuperAll

At SuperAll® we take cleaning to the next level. Our products do this by attacking both the visible and invisible contaminants, allowing them to be completely removed, and leaving your project completely clean. Since contaminants are chemically attracted to themselves, removing them completely with SuperAll means that there won’t be any residual left to attract additional contaminants. Simply stated, cleaning with SuperAll leaves surfaces with a stain repelling effect. Plus, it’s safe for users and environmentally-friendly. SuperAll is a multifaceted technology; along with all of its deodorizing, degassing, and remediation capabilities, it is often used to aesthetically clean or wash hydrocarbons from any surface without leaving any residual behind. Does the product you’re using now do that?

By targeting the root – the hydrocarbon – SuperAll eradicates the contaminant. It does this by not only cleaning hydrocarbons, but biodegrading them as well. It also has a cumulative effect digging deeper into long standing problems with each use, leaving surfaces cleaner for longer and requiring fewer applications with time. Typical cleaners simply treat the visible evidence of a problem. They scratch the surface treating the symptoms without drilling down to the cause so the problem quickly returns or is just moved to a place that’s harder to reach.

A hydrocarbon is defined as an organic compound composed of only hydrogen and carbon. Crude oil, a blend of liquid hydrocarbons; and natural gas, a blend of gaseous hydrocarbons; are both by definition “hydrocarbons”. However some oils such as vegetable oils and fats contain oxygen along with hydrogen and carbon so they are not normally defined as hydrocarbons. Since SuperAll has the same effect on all oils, greases, and fats we group them together and, for our purposes, consider them all “hydrocarbons”. Keep in mind, we mention hydrocarbons so often because they are a very common component of challenging cleaning tasks, but SuperAll cleans and remediates other contaminants as well.

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